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Donnell Hubert Dixon, Jr., Principal Owner & Operator

Southwest House Packing Services Hemet,CA
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Southwest House Packing Services  
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About Us.....

Southwest House Packing Services Hemet,CA

Here at Southwest House Packing Services, we have package rates to meet any budget.  Our packages vary by number of room (ie. 1-2 rooms, 3-4 rooms, 5-6 rooms, 7 or more).  Please ask us for more details.

Our standard package rates include:

  • Pack and Unpack
  • Disassemble and Re-assemble most furniture
  • Re-arrange most furniture
  • Offer Cleaning Service

We shop around for the best prices in packing equipment to help keep your cost down.  Our great customer service ensures that deal with each customer face to face.  You will always make the best decision and be aware of all issues regarding your move.

We pride on our craftsmanship when it comes to packing.  We show that we care and that we are experienced, reliable, and dependable.  (We don't do steam cleaning, nor do we wax floors.)


Donnell Hubert Dixon, Jr., Principal Owner & Operator

Mr. Dixon has been in the transportation industry since 1997.  His initial business venture was a small packaging delivery company for both homes and business.  Services were provided for Fed-Ex home deliveries where Mr. Dixon, after two years, earned a Fed-Ex Safety Award.  He was also recognized with a safety award from Eagle Inter-modal as a hostler driver.  Mr. Dixon developed his customer service skills during this period and learned the value of good quality and customer relations.

Mr. Dixon also received training from the United States Trucking School in Victorville, California.  He has driven as an over the road driver for Swift Transportation.  Additionally, Mr. Dixon has worked for Southern California Moving and Storage as a driver and packer.  In all, Mr. Dixon, has over ten years experience in working directly with customers affected by a major move or other relocations.  He has learned from successful moves and has seen many difficult situations in the moving of personal property.  He has gained a high appreciation of the value of good customer service and a quality job.

As a result of his experience and high regard for the customer, Mr. Dixon started his own house packing business.  He understands and cares about people faced with the task of moving.  It is one of the high stress events in the daily life of people next to quitting smoking or losing your job.  Mr. Dixon believes an experienced packer can make this life transition easier and less stressful.

Often people do not have the time to organize and properly prepare for a move.  Acquiring enough of the right size boxes and packing material can be frustrating and time consuming.  Knowing what item to pack in a certain way is necessary to conserve space and protect valuables.  Poor packing and disorganization can result in damage and other unnecessary losses.  An expert packer can organize, pack, inventory and label each box in a way that makes your move and unpacking go smoothly.

When Mr. Dixon says, "We'll do the packing so you don't have to!", he makes your needs his own and treats your goods with the same high regard.  The difference in his service is the personal attention and positive relationship that Mr. Dixon wants to have with his customers.

Mr. Dixon is a native of California, raised in Los Angeles and Riverside County.  He has been married to Robin M. Dale for nine years.  They have two boys Paul James (PJ) and Mikah.  They currently reside in Hemet, California. 

References available upon request.

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